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With these little tools you can easily create bindings yourself, so you don’t have to keep buying premade bias tapes!
Each set includes 4 bias tape makers in the following sizes:
1” (2,5cm) - for fabric 2” (5cm) wide
0.7” (1,8cm) - for fabric 1.4” (3,6cm) wide
0.5” (1,2cm) - for fabric 1” (2,5cm) wide
0.25” (0,6cm) - for fabric 0.5” (1,2cm) wide

Use them for applying finishing touches on anything - the edges of quilts, placemats, and bibs, around armhole and neckline edges instead of a facing, and as a simple strap or tie for casual bags or clothing. A great time- and finger-saver! No more burnt finger tips.

Instructions: Just pull the fabric through (use your seam ripper to push it) and iron. The bias tape maker folds it perfectly and then it’s ready for sewing on or gluing. TIP: Cut the dip at a diagonal to make it easy to feed the fabric through.

Create even bindings every single time!

Package Includes (a great bargain!):

Suitable for sewing project, arts&crafts

Easy to use
Essential item for all your sewing and quilting projects
Great gift for retreats!

Material: Stainless Steel/Plastic

Package Includes:
1 set of 4 Bias Tape Makers

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