Magnetic Phone Charging Cable (iPhone)


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Prevent your phone from falling when you accidentally pull the charging cable!
Keep the charging port intact and increase your phone's useful life!

This magnetic phone charging cable detaches itself when you accidentally pull it, preventing your phone from falling and getting damaged. Just insert the little plug into the charging port and you'll never have to take it out again! It will protect the port from wear and tear due to excessive use and act as a dust-plug too. 

Just hold the phone and the charging cable next to each other and the cable will snap on to the phone, immediately starting the charging process.

NOTE: The plug must be inserted into the phone with the arrow side facing upwards.

Package Includes (a great bargain!):

Easy one hand operation (great for car phone holders)
Great for night use (built-in LED light)
Protects your phone's charging port

Material: Oxford fabric
One Size fits all (adjustable straps)
Dimensions (L x W x H): 14" x 7" x 5.5" (36cm x 22cm x 14cm)

Package Includes:
1 Magic Stroller Organizer

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